Shute ShutterTM Benefits & Features

The fully automatic concrete truck chute closure


Stops spills


Stops claims


Saves time


Saves money


Drivers love it!TM

Shute Shutter has the following unique features:
Fully automatic operation! Its Door automatically opens & closes when the flop shute is lowered & raised.  No extra time-consuming driver operations necessary!
Automatically locks & unlocks! Shute Shutter's AutoLock
TM locks & unlocks the Door, when the flop chute is raised & lowered. It has no springs or moving parts to become clogged with concrete. It will retain a chute full of concrete, if necessary! Other products do not seal or retain all of the debris.
Maximizes Safety! Stops accidental spills! Stops or greatly reduces broken windshields, property damage &/or injury to others. Your company is always protected!
Extra loads & washout restrictions. Use Shute Shutters "Close & Go
TM" if pour is near the batch plant or if washouts are prohibited. All debris is safely & fully retained in the chute! Saves time & enables extra loads!
Rugged! All components are light & rugged aircraft alloy aluminum & carbon steel, for long life.
Both chutes are fully clear when open. When open, its Door is horizontal, underneath the main chute! This allows full access to both chutes while dispensing concrete. Nothing is in the way of the operator! Nothing interferes with forms!
Easily & quickly installed. It may be welded to your existing chute in minutes.
Permanently attached to the truck chute. Cannot be lost or forgotten to close & lock!
No mess, no fuss. No dirty, water logged, separate devices to manipulate & clean.
Improves your company's image. Makes the public aware of your company's concern for its safety! Easily seen & appreciated. The perfect location for your ad, logo, phone number &/or slogan. Proven to generate more responses than ads in major newspapers!
Inexpensive. Costs less than one spill or windshield or damage claim or the profit on one extra load!! Shute Shutter may exceed the life of the chute or truck! Other products deteriorate, freeze & are lost.
Increases profit!! Elimination of spills, reduction in claims, timesavings & extra loads increase profit! Insurance companies are also providing lower rates to users.
Reduces driver complaints. Drivers prefer Shute Shutter over all other products!