ShuteValveTM Benefits & Features

The concrete flow control valve


Facilitates pours


Saves time


Saves money


Contractors love it!TM

ShuteValve has the following unique features:
Easy to use. The contractor or operator simply unlocks & opens the Door to allow concrete to flow from the end of the chute. The Door is easily closed & locked to stop the flow. Intermediate positions allow fine-tuning of the flow to the appropriate rate, when filling forms, walls, etc.
Controls the flow of concrete at the very end of the chute. Where it is most important!
Facilitates pouring. By allowing concrete flow to be started, regulated & stopped.  Previously, the rate of flow could only be controlled by the mixer-truck barrel speed, which is not precise.
Easily & quickly attached & detached! It is quickly & easily attached & detached to & from the end of the mixer-truck chute at the job site.
Positive! Its Door locks securely on the end of the chute, to totally stop the flow of concrete.
Prevents waste! By stopping concrete from exiting the chute when forms are full, the chute or truck is being moved, etc.
Minimizes clean up! Stopping the flow of concrete at the end of the chute prevents overflow of forms, spills, dribbling of concrete all over the job site, & minimizes clean up!
Essential! For high slump mixes & flowable fill.
Rugged! All components are light & rugged aircraft alloy aluminum & carbon steel for long life.
Saves time! By facilitating pouring & minimizing clean up.
Increases profit!! By saving labor, reducing cleanup costs & eliminating waste.
Contractors love it!
TM Because contractors & operators are now able to start, regulate, & totally stop the flow of concrete, as required!